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"O Canada" was from Dottie's Charms - a concept record co-written by some of my favorite authors. You can get it here!

I will be in Toronto, November 28th playing  a concert presented by Moses  Znaimer's IdeaCity (w...


Here she is!

I sang  "Lumber Jill"  on  episode six of the thirty-first season .

The best part, however, is when both Marge and Lisa give me a shout out

Homer: I like what you're wearing.

Marge: T...


                                                       Listen to the song --HERE



I accidentally, last time, sent off this posting before I got to the songs. Here you go...

I am pleased to announce that for the first time, I think ever, Underdog  Victorious, is available on all your newfangled preferr...


I am pleased to announce that for the first time, I think ever, Underdog  Victorious, is available on all your newfangled preferred music services or platforms. My pal Blake Morgan's ECR is also rereleasing Dottie'...


This was a hidden track on my 2004 "Underdog Victorious" record. I think it was hidden, cause no one at the record company liked it. It is rather goofy, but I do love the mention of Angie Dickinson as "Police Woman" and the...

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