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                       By Popular Demand: Another Joe's Pub show - March 2nd.

Tomorrow, March 13th, I'll be at the NY Psychoanalytic Society with my brilliant cousin, Sa...


I'm booking for the Summer in-between gigs. If interested, let us know. 

Last week, I had a show in Colorado, and they put up a not so subtle reminder of songs they hoped I would play.

                          Also, if in NYC...


Already 2020 is way better. An optometrist in Pittsburgh diagnosed me, over the Thanksgiving holiday, with either a rare malady (hardly seen in the developed world and caused by an untreated social disease) or a brain tumor....


Here is my cover of the Robert Earl Keene Classic, "Merry Christmas to the Family".  The video is very 1995 (in a good way, I think). But please check out my amazing 7 deadly sins Gretsch. 

Oh also, can you hear the...


The good folks, at ECR have been rereleasing a bunch of old records, including my last one. And, we've added a bonus track, America Back, to it.  

You can get it here - check it out!   Also, check out my...


We are  re-releasing California Years!!

I have not one, but two, videos for the song San Francisco. One was at the studio - we were all pretending to track, but we had a good time doing it. Check out Don Was, Dave Palmer, Ma...

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